What You Should Know About HUD Screening Criteria

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HUD ScreeningThe federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has specific standards in place landlords must follow for the housing voucher program. To be in compliance with the requirements for this program, it is vital to conduct an assessment accurately, and that is where HUD screening criteria come into play.


At VeriScreen, we are intimately familiar with the requirements of the program. We are going to tell you in this space about the criteria that are essential for your organization to know. The guidelines that cover low-income applicants for the voucher program direct the HUD screening process and provide a roadmap for users.


Landlords, through their screening agencies, need to assess candidates for criminal records and do drug testing as well. If an applicant has been previously denied because of the criminal activities of a member of their household, you may reconsider the applicant if there is sufficient evidence that members have not been involved in illegal activity for a reasonable period.


Many additional HUD screening criteria apply to applicants that also address issues as diverse as sexual offenses, alcohol abuse, minimum income requirements, and credit and rental history. The program has detailed requirements, and the most effective way for you as a landlord, or your housing agency, to apply the criteria appropriately is by working with an experienced screening firm.


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