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Our employment verifications are often times the most important part of the screening process. Trained verification specialists will contact the applicant’s human resources department directly to obtain a formal verification of employment. This includes the applicant’s start date, current employment status, position or title, compensation structure along with the amount of hours worked on average if the applicant is an hourly employee. This is key to ensuring that the applicant has not had any recent changes in employment status that is not shown on a pay stub. In addition, we work directly with The Work Number and have access to instant electronic verifications including salary details without the need for a salary pin—not to mention we have negotiated reduced rates for our clients.

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Employment background screening is as easy as it gets with VeriScreen’s superior comprehensive background reports. 

We currently interface with 108 different systems that represent over 3,400 employers and property managers. We can interface easily with any software that is willing to work with us. In case you use a system that will not integrate, it takes less than 15 seconds to enter the data we need to provide you with a comprehensive background check as follows:

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