Person Search Plus™

Person Search Plus™ is the leading Identity Verification Service

The key to VeriScreen’s success over the years has been our proprietary Person Search Plus™. 

We use credit bureau and social security address histories like other screening companies, but we go much deeper to develop the applicant’s name, DOB, and address history. 

With our exclusive Person Search Plus™ product, we can guarantee more criminal records are delivered, and our experienced researchers will eliminate ALL FALSE POSITIVES. 

best background check identity verification service


Over the years we have found a lot of criminals do not give the address where they were convicted, nor do they fill out credit applications while in prison. Many have also figured out that they can transpose a letter or two in their name or DOB and most companies will not find their records.

Due to cost restraints, we realize that employers do not want us to search in tons of counties. With our experienced researchers and address databases, we can select the best counties for searches to get the most for your money. In most cases we only need to search 2-3 counties. Our comprehensive address search can also help you decide if applicants are leaving job histories off their application or resume.

Actual Test Results: We ran tests against our competitors, and found an error rate of at least 15%. This is a high percentage and should cause concern regarding the inaccuracy of their background checks.

Providing You The Most Comprehensive Background Checks For Employment and Housing For 25+ Years

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