Credit Reports

Why Choose VeriScreen for Credit Reports?​

Credit reports will provide you with an applicant’s payment, address and employment history as well as a fraud evaluation tool to help you eliminate many cases of identity theft with credit alerts. You are able to view the entire credit report in a secure online, easy-to-read format to reduce the likelihood of this sensitive information getting into anyone’s unauthorized possession. Public records are also included on the credit report showing you any tax liens, bankruptcies or judgments that have been rendered against your potential applicant.

Since we run so many credit reports, we are audited by the credit bureaus annually with an onsite audit that includes system security, compliance issues and adequately-implemented procedures and policies to ensure your data is not compromised.


Vantage Score

Make better lending decisions with VantageScore 2.0

VantageScore 2.0 is a highly predictive, consistent score that maintains accuracy over extended time frames. Throughout the development process of this product, the combined modeling strengths of all three credit bureaus were leveraged, and patented modeling techniques were employed. Along with the ability to score more consumers, including those with thin files, infrequent credit users and new entrants into the credit market, VantageScore 2.0 is the best value for landlords.

If you are currently still using FICO scoring models, you should question your provider about using Vantage score 2.0. VeriScreen has done extensive testing on this model and found it to be much more predictive than the old FICO score.

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