Criminal Records

Why Choose VeriScreen for Criminal Background Screening?​

VeriScreen Forms is an integrated system that makes the employee application and onboarding process easier, cheaper, and faster for companies. We digitize all pre-employment forms and applications for you, and streamline the application process for your applicants.

Let’s face it: you want as much information as you can get on an applicant at the least cost. We understand your needs and work within your parameters to get you the most for your money—guaranteed.

VeriScreen’s many years of service in affordable housing has taught us how and where to get the data, but most importantly how to best search for the data without any false positives.

Instant- National Criminal Alias Database

All aliases found in our ID Process will be run through our Nationwide Criminal Database. You get many database scans for the price of one. 

Search nationwide criminal records including alias’ and name variations that are found in the person search above; our name variation program encompasses over 1,000 algorithms Instant Nationwide Criminal Report with our Selective Database Matrix that chooses the best criminal vendor based on the location of the applicant Search over 551 million offense records Includes felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, and infractions for at least 7 years

InstaStatewide Criminal Database Search

Instant statewide criminal report searches millions of offense records. This may include felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, and infractions for at least 7 years.

FBI Criminal Records Search

Search FBI national database limited to industries that are authorized to receive FBI searches. These searches typically require a fingerprint search.

Federal District Court Search

Federal Court Records for civil or criminal offenses. There are 94 federal district courts in the US.