Drug Screening

Why Choose VeriScreen for Drug Screening?

VeriScreen has partnered with several of the largest labs in the United States and abroad to offer affordable drug screens that are completely paperless and integrated into our system. We handle the chain of custody and results for you. The results will be entered directly into your report by the drug screening facility, and an email will automatically be sent to the requester when data is entered.

As part of your drug screening package, we will send your applicant an email invitation with the directions of the nearest facility with a limited time frame for your applicant to take the test. The open window is customizable to your requirements. This can be set up in your package so all you do is order the test in our system. This can be a two step process where you order the drug test after the rest of the report is successfully completed.

Simple and seamless integration for your convenience. Click HERE for more information regarding  our 10 panel drug screen.

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How Can we help?

Our experts will answer your questions and help design the screening package you need. Each one is Advanced FCRA certified and our customer service is unmatched.