VeriScreen Announces Sponsorship With Cedar Hall Elementary

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Holly’s House has announced a partnership with EVSC. Their program teaches kids K-6 about the signs of abuse.

Now it has the potential to go across EVSC schools.

“We have now served 70,000 students with prevention education,” said Holly’s House Executive Director Kristine Cordts.

The “Think First, Stay Safe” program by Holly’s House is designed to help kids understand the signs of sexual assault.

This new partnership with EVSC helps more schools get access to this training.

“This is so important for kids to receive this education because honestly, we don’t talk about abuse a whole lot within our homes, and we know over 90 percent of children abused are abused by someone they know, so these are difficult conversations,” said Crystal Cisson, Holly’s House director of prevention.

The program is a statewide mandate, but there is no funding to put it in schools unless someone sponsors it.


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Tuesday, the company Veriscreen is announcing their sponsorship to get the program at Cedar Hall Elementary.

EVSC officials say students need to learn these skills.

“They can also then take what they’ve learned here at school home to perhaps their siblings that are not at this school or different grade levels and share with their families as well,” said Kim McWilliams, EVSC family school and community partnerships director.

Cordts says one in ten children suffers from sexual abuse.

“Almost every week that we teach, there’s someone that comes forward in a classroom to share,” Cordts said.

Cordts says many children may not even know it’s happening to them, which is why she says education is the first step.
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