Why Choose VeriScreen for Collections?

VeriScreen has developed a relationship with a high-quality collection service to provide collections to our customers. Below

VeriScreen's Collections & Skip Trace Software

 is a summary of these services.

Our collections partner is a full-service agency with the latest collection software, skip trace 

resources, legal services and credit reporting. We provide you with an accurate progress report of your accounts once they have been placed with us. We offer competitive rates that are comparable to other agencies, and our recovery rates are measurably higher.

Rest assured that we will treat your customers with the same dignity and respect that they receive from you. There is no cost to you for placing your accounts with us. Along with mail and fax, we offer Electronic Data Transmission of your accounts and immediate acknowledgment of them to you upon receipt. We contact the customer by phone for immediate payment as well as sending a written demand. Short-term arrangements for repayment are made and if necessary we will recommend legal action to you.

Your accounts are reported to all three major reporting bureaus 30 days after they are placed with us.

Please take a moment and review the following Personal Service Check List and compare it to your current agency.

✓  No contract to sign

✓  Regular Progress Reports that can be mailed (or we offer Adobe & Excel e-mail formats)

✓  Personal pickup for accounts as well as personal service in helping you prepare the accounts

✓  No automated system

✓  No minimum number of accounts

✓  Tailored rates for volume accounts

✓  Adobe and Excel transmission of accounts to us

✓  50+ years of experience

✓  Professional customer service

We look forward to serving you in any area of collections you may need. With our professional staff, we will get the job done.

If you are ready to begin the collection process today, call 812.474.0744 to get started!

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