VeriSafe Continuous Monitoring

24/7 Arrest Monitoring and Healthcare Monitoring with alerts 

Your Go To Source for Continuous Monitoring

VeriScreen is now offering True Continuous Criminal Monitoring for all their customers.  We have always offered this to our medical clients, but we think it’s time to make it available to all of our customers. 

We DO NOT think that this monitoring should replace our initial our annual background check for a lot of reasons and won’t bore you with everything we have learned in 25 years.  Just take our word for it.


This product is the industry’s only real-time, continuous monitoring solution for arrests, incarcerations and bookings.

"12% of the workforce is likely to be arrested in the next 5 years."

Sure, pre-employment background checks provide tremendous insight into a candidate’s past, but what happens throughout the tenure of their employment? Interval-based, periodic rechecks or even monitoring via delayed data sources does not adequately protect you. If you are not continuously monitoring real-time data, you’re not protected.

How Continuous Criminal Monitoring Work?

Our vendor partners’ Population Management Platform provides us with exclusive access to real-time data for incarcerations and booking, collected by proprietary data feeds. You’ll be alerted in real-time if one of your employees is booked. Just plug your employee roster into our platform and we’ll take it from there.

This product is not for everyone, but some industries will find this tool very valuable and protective against significant potential losses or embarrassment.

Choosing the Right Arrest Data For your Company

We have several different packages to offer depending on your situation and needs.  You may just want us to check federal arrests as an example for federal crimes that may involve child trafficking or drug dealing across state lines.  Our team of screening experts will walk you through our products and help you achieve your goals and decide on the best things to monitor.

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How Can we help?

Our experts will answer your questions and help design the screening package you need. Each one is Advanced FCRA certified and our customer service is unmatched.