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VeriScreen has partnered with the largest fingerprinting services in the country and can handle all your fingerprint security needs with our new service, VeriSecure.

If your state, county, or local laws require fingerprinting, let us know and we can add VeriSecure to your comprehensive screening package.

VeriScreen Performs National or State fingerprinting services for numerous industries: 

Boys and Girl Clubs, Department of Transportation, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Non-Profit, Volunteers, Hospitals and much more. 

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Does Fingerprinting Find all Criminal Records?

Unfortunately, it does not! Fingerprinting involves comparing an applicant's fingerprints against state and federal databases. The fingerprinting database does NOT include final dispositions in as many as 50% of criminal databases and sometimes takes months for records to be updated on the database.

Another flaw with fingerprints is that they are not fully compliant with the FCRA or EEOC guidelines as only outdated arrest records may exist on the reports.

Fingerprinting is a great tool, however it should be combined with a criminal background check where records are confirmed at the source and filtered by FCRA guidelines.


Depending on your location, we set you up with either a live scan or a fingerprinting location where you can easily roll your fingerprint. 



VeriSecure holds an industry leading average turnaround time of 14-18 days on all fingerprinting requests. 

Yes, we are available all over the USA! This includes Alaska and even Puerto Rico.

No. Fingerprints must be taken or rolled by a trained professional. 

If you will be working with children or the elderly you can expect it to be federally mandated in 2021. 

Call us! We’ll do the work for you and assign you to the nearest fingerprinting facility around you or your applicant.

VeriSecure provides industry leading fingerprinting turnaround time of 14-18 days.

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