Business Credit Reports

Why Choose VeriScreen for Business Credit Reports (Experian Business IQ)?

Business Credit Reports (Experian Business IQ)

Capitalizing on a complex economic condition requires innovative credit risk management tools. BusinessIQ quickly and easily transforms unlocks greater potential without wasting time or resources.

Oversee business credit from a holistic point of view:

Experian’s BusinessIQ is an advanced online commercial credit risk management application that delivers the industry’s best practices and top analytical intelligence right to a credit professional’s desktop. From screening prospects through managing a portfolio and collection of unpaid accounts, BusinessIQ provides the tools a business needs to make more informed decisions across the customer life cycle:

  • Comprehensive reports and predictive scores to assess risk
  • Portfolio management to identify accounts that are declining and those that are improving
  • Proactive alerts to notify users of account changes that demand quick action
  • Automated decisions to ensure consistent policies are applied across an organization
  • Collections tools to accelerate payment and discourage future delinquency
Your business credit score is essential to the financial health of your business. It impacts your business in numerous ways, such as the amount of credit suppliers will extend you and the interest rates you’ll pay. Check your Experian business credit report to stay in control of your business credit.

BusinessIQ’s advanced web-based portal includes comprehensive business credit tools that let you manage your entire portfolio. Stay alert on customer credit standings and receive only alerts you find meaningful and actionable. Act on these accounts with precision using reports and scores or automate for speed with automated decisioning. Order a business credit report today!


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