Get a Copy of Your Report

Get a Copy of Your Report

When you need complete background screening services or you are looking for the results of your check, turn to VeriScreen. Our expert staff has the tools and resources required to accurately check over your background records to provide a detailed report for employment, volunteer, or residential screenings. Whether you need a criminal record check to receive a new job or a complete credit report to apply for a new apartment, our team is always ready to provide the services you require. Contact our office to learn more about our screening services.

Get a copy of your report by simply emailing a request to or call us at 812.474.0744 and one of our team members will be happy to help you.

Comprehensive Background Screening

With our comprehensive background checks we aim to provide the most detailed results possible for your reports. We have access to numerous government and public databases, allowing us to gather accurate information for your reports.

We offer a variety of industry specific checks to go through records that are pertinent to the job you are applying too. For example, if you want to work around children or the elderly a vulnerable persons’ check is generally required to ensure you do not have a history of issues around these groups. To learn more about the comprehensive checks we offer or to discuss the results of your report, contact our office.