The Importance of Comprehensive Background Checks for Volunteers

Background Checks for VolunteersVolunteers across the country are making a huge, positive impact on their communities and the world by donating their time and talent to just causes. The organizations they work with would not be able to exist without their selfless dedication. Unfortunately, not everyone who signs up to volunteer has the same goodwill in their heart.

There are stories from across the country about selfish volunteers that gain access to money, resources, and people through nonprofit organizations to further their own criminal pursuits. All it takes is one of these occurrences to happen to your organization to completely ruin all of the good work you have set out to do.

That is why it is important for nonprofit organizations to consider comprehensive background checks for volunteers. These checks can help you when it comes to:

Public Safety – By ensuring your volunteers are who they say they are, you are able to prevent criminals from using your organization as their base of operations.

Legal Requirements – Many cities and states require vetting processes for volunteers who perform certain types of work.

Liability – Background checks are a must if your organization works closely with vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly. It is also important if your volunteers are going to manage financial or confidential information.

Reputation – Criminal activity associated with your nonprofit could end up causing even the most loyal donors to turn away. By avoiding controversy, you can help maintain the confidence of those supporting you and your cause.


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