Inquire Before You Hire: Importance of Professional Screening Services

Professional ScreeningTrying to find the best person for the job you are hiring for can be a real challenge. Going through stacks of resumes might net you some potential candidates, but how can you be sure that the information they’ve provided to you accurately represents them as a person? Before you bring on any new hire, it is important to utilize professional screening services to ensure that the person you are hiring is the right one for the job.

Pre-employment tests from a professional screening company are a great way to learn more about the personality or character traits of a person, their skills and abilities, their job knowledge, their emotional intelligence, their integrity, and if they use drugs or alcohol.  More and more companies are using these tests thanks to their ability to:

Quickly Narrow Down Their List of Applicants – These tests help you determine which candidates should progress to the interview process.

Improve Their Interview Process – By knowing more about your candidates, you can create questions that focus on key issues related to the candidate.

Ensure that Candidates Have the Desired Traits, Skills & Behaviors – Pre-employment testing is a great way to quickly figure out if applicants have the traits and skills necessary to fit the particular role you are looking to fill.

Reduce the Chances of Bad Hires – You’ll know more about your candidates before you hire them, which can also reduce your turnover rate.


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