The Importance of Comprehensive Background Checks for Volunteers

Volunteers across the country are making a huge, positive impact on their communities and the world by donating their time and talent to just causes. The organizations they work with would not be able to exist without their selfless dedication. Unfortunately, not everyone who signs up to volunteer has the same goodwill in their heart. … Continued

Inquire Before You Hire: Importance of Professional Screening Services

Trying to find the best person for the job you are hiring for can be a real challenge. Going through stacks of resumes might net you some potential candidates, but how can you be sure that the information they’ve provided to you accurately represents them as a person? Before you bring on any new hire, … Continued

How Comprehensive Background Checks Are Different

Not all background checks are the same. There are actually four different types of background checks available to individuals–national, federal, state, and county. Information found with one type of check is not always found on other checks, which means if you aren’t receiving comprehensive background checks from all four sources, you may not be getting … Continued

What Is Involved in a Background Check?

Comprehensive background checks are commonplace amongst employers, landlords, and financial institutions. They are processes that set out to prove what a person claims to be. In this post, we’ll discuss what is involved in an employee background check.   Employers run background checks to avoid hiring someone who may be dangerous or a liability to … Continued

VeriScreen: Setting the Standard for Professional Screening Services

Professional screening services have become an indispensable tool in the recruiters’ toolkit. By learning about a candidate’s employment history and other important details, hiring teams obtain the intelligence and information they need to make smart decisions. VeriScreen, a professional screening company, has set the standard in the industry. They have built a reputation founded on … Continued