Employment Screening and Hiring with a Human Touch

Robot Choosing an EmployeeTechnology is a marvelous thing that is improving all the time, but it’s not infallible. Systems crash. Data is input incorrectly or not defined properly. Programs are too broad or not broad enough for an accurate employment screening process. These are a few examples of why we should not rely entirely upon computerized systems. The most effective way to screen employees is with a combination of data-driven results from industry-specific software backed with a human touch.


At VeriScreen, we know why a real-life human should thoroughly assess results that are derived by a computer search before they are passed along to your human resources team. We’re happy to help by providing that information in this post.


As we mentioned, technology is not perfect, and sometimes it can return false positives or false negatives to a search. Either result is not helpful, but when a staff member double-checks the results, the inaccurate ones are weeded out thanks to cross-referencing of databases.


These employment screening results are then used to move the hiring process ahead. This is another area where humans excel because, during an interview, they can further assess the candidate and derive intangible value from the answers they give. Humans and machines working together provide the best hiring results.


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