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Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

October 28, 2020
Borrowing is often a fact of life for today’s students. Astronomic increases in higher education costs make loans a key resource for getting the education you need -- but they also come with debt that’s important to pay off wisely.... Read more »

What You Should Know About HUD Screening Criteria

October 2, 2020
The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has specific standards in place landlords must follow for the housing voucher program. To be in compliance with the requirements for this program, it is vital to conduct an assessment accurately,... Read more »

Why Choose a Professional Background Check?

October 2, 2020
The question of why to have a professional background check done on a potential employee is one that carries a lot of weight. We know the answers at VeriScreen, and we’ll share the main ones here in this post.  ... Read more »

How an Applicant Tracking System Works

September 24, 2020
Anyone who has ever been in charge of hiring (or has applied to a job) knows that it’s a competitive world out there. Many major corporations see countless resumes every time they post a job. While some of these applicants... Read more »

The 10-Panel Drug Test Is Right for Your Office

September 24, 2020
Considerations When Implementing Workplace Drug Testing Everyone deserves a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. And for most people, this means a workplace free of drug use. However, when implementing a plan--such as the 10-panel drug test--to keep harmful substances away... Read more »

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