Everything You Need To Know About Background Checks

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You have applied for a job, passed the interview, but the employer tells you the job offer is pending a background screening process. But you do not understand what the employer will know about you through the check. Maybe you provided incorrect information just to get an edge over other applicants. Will your potential employer discover this? What do they search for? Don’t panic. Here is everything you need to know about background screening and what employers search for.


Background screening is a process that involves checking one’s criminal records, education verification, employment history, and other past activities to verify that they are accurate as provided in their documents.

Background screening is not just conducted when you are applying for a job. It can also be done when you want to rent a new apartment and purchasing sensitive items like a firearm.

Depending on the situation, there are several types of background checks that can be performed on an individual.

Types of Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background checks

Employers conduct a pre-employment background screening to ensure they hire the right candidate for the job and anyone that can be a liability to the organization. 96% of employees conduct one or more background checks during the hiring process.

Employers need your full names, Social Security Number (SSN), current or previous address, and birth date. You have to provide consent for them to run any background check on you.

What Information Employers Look for

An employment background check includes your information and activities from the past seven years, with some states including records for up to ten years.


Employers get information about you on:

  • Criminal records
  • Drug tests
  • Credit reports
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Social media
  • Motor Vehicle history
  • Medical records

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are conducted when the employer wants to know more about your illegal activities such as violent behavior, sex offense, fraud, or felony convictions.

They can be conducted for persons before they are employed, when they want to adopt a child, or purchase a firearm. This helps determine whether you can be a threat to others and create an unsafe environment for others.


Where criminal records are searched

  • National criminal database
  • County criminal courts
  • Federal and State criminal databases
  • Domestic watchlist
  • Global watchlist
  • Sex offender registry



Fingerprint Background Checks

A fingerprint background check is often part of the pre-employment background screening. Government-run institutions like schools, hospitals, and airports have to conduct fingerprint background checks for any potential employee. Fingerprint background checks are also mandatory for you to receive individual licenses and specific jobs in finance, casinos, and medical care.

This type of background check shows the information on a candidate’s past criminal records.


As a job applicant, you will have to visit an authorized local background screening provider or a government organization to take and submit the fingerprints.


The fingerprint check includes information on:

  • Past criminal record
  • Federal employment history
  • Military service

Credit Background Screening

This check is conducted to assess how you have managed credit and bills in the past. When applying for loans, this background check will often be required. Also, some landlords use this report before allowing you to rent their properties.

Other jobs, especially jobs related to finance, require this check since it helps them determine how an employee can manage their finances.


A credit background check can show reports on:

  • Payment history
  • Bankruptcies
  • Pending bills
  • Tax liens

Personal Background Checks

You have just been told that your job status is pending a background check. But you do not know what your employer may see about you before making their decision.

You can conduct a personal background check on yourself. Personal background checks allow you to choose the type of background search to be performed. For instance, if you are unsure about what your employer will see about your past criminal records, you can request for a search to be conducted and the report sent to you. This helps you to discover potential errors about the information in the database and request corrections much earlier.


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