How To Find A Fingerprinting Service Near Me

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Many industries and states require a fingerprint background check as one of the employment conditions. 

To help protect the vulnerable population against people with recent criminal records, you will need to submit your fingerprints to the FBI for the background check. 


Where to find fingerprinting services

Veriscreen can provide you with your needed national fingerprinting service needs in all every state in the United States. With our same day signup and location scheduling, our trained technicians will have you or your applicants in and out in no time. 

During the process, the FBI will require certain personal information from you, including your fingerprints, to access national data such as criminal records. This information is required by the agency or department that has requested you to conduct the FBI background check. The second set of information is a signed release with demographic information. VeriScreen takes care of the whole process for you to get the FBI background check report.

Why you may need an FBI Fingerprint check

Reasons for possible fingerprint background checks:


Student visa


Court matters

Foreign travel

Personal review


You will be issued an FBI Fingerprint Card, the Applicant Fingerprint Form (FD-258) once you make an appointment. You can also get it from the FBI or local sheriff’s offices. This card is issued for fingerprint submissions.

Alternatively, depending on your location, VeriScreen can also set up a live scan to obtain your fingerprints for the process, which require a compliant live scanner that uses no ink at all. 


Does Fingerprinting Find All Criminal Records?

No. Fingerprinting relies on the FBI records while comparing your fingerprints against the state and federal fingerprint records. Since the FBI takes a long time to update their database, some records, especially the most recent ones, may be missed in the database.

In addition, FBI fingerprints do not comply fully with the FCRA and EEOC guidelines since it may include outdated records and “arrest only” records. 

Therefore, it is essential to combine criminal background checks at the county level so runners verify any and all information at the source, the courthouse.  

What To Know

  •     The process right from booking an appointment to fingerprint to getting your report takes an average time of 14-18 days, which is the industry’s leading turnaround time.
  •     You cannot fingerprint yourself. It is only done by a trained professional. 
  •     If you are working as a volunteer with children or the elderly, you will most likely have a federal mandate to have a fingerprint report in 2021.

What To Do If Your Fingerprinting Report Has Issues

The FBI only stores national fingerprint information and cannot modify any data recorded for an individual unless asked by the Agency that submitted the information.

In cases where you find your report has inaccurate or missing information, there are three options you can use to request changes:

  1. Contact the Agency that submitted the information to the FBI.

Missing/Incorrect State Information

Most states demand any changes to be made to any report be processed through the State Identification Bureau before making any further changes in the report.

You need to contact the State Identification Bureau for assistance and also ask them to update the FBI with the latest Identity information.

Missing/incorrect Federal Information

For Federal Identity issues, the FBI must receive a request from the arresting agency or a court with control over the data.

Submit Challenge Request Electronically to the FBI

This can be conducted through this link. Follow the steps provided to submit your challenge request.

Send a Written Challenge Request to the FBI

While submitting a written challenge request to the FBI, make sure you identify the missing or incorrect information that you want to be changed and should include any legal proof or supporting documentation to support the claim.


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