veriscreen comprehensive background check

Chelsey Abel
2 Years Court Researcher for VeriScreen





2 years down!🙌 Wow, time has flown by working with this company. As I look back now I can tell I’ve grown a lot and have come a long way since taking employment with y’all! Much thanks to all the team members who’ve made me a better runner, shout out to MORGAN with support who’s always been so prompt and patient with me calling with questions, records, etc. Also Thank you Jeremy for the blunt truth at times, reminder emails, and answering my questions as well. Communication is key to success, this company has never left me hanging! EVER!!  This last year has been far one of the most challenging years of my life dealing with the changing of times, and I’m sure others cant relate. I couldn’t of bought a new vehicle, established credit, nor continue to thrive if it was not for each and everyone of us keeping on keeping doing what we love. Thank you! I LOVE WHAT I DO. I want to continue to do what I do. With this being the only job I’ve stayed at longer than 6 months, I AM PROUD of myself and proud to be a working vessel here. This position has been such a blessing and I work with that pride knowing not everyone has this opportunity. Thank you Thank you Thank you <3


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