Understanding HUD Screening Criteria

Housing assistance is one of the key ways that the government’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department helps underprivileged people find opportunity. With a hard-hit economy and limited resources, however, it’s not always easy to make sure that options like Section 8 housing go to the most deserving individuals. In order to narrow down applications, … Continued

How the 10-Panel Drug Test Keeps Employers in Compliance with DOT Rules

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 mandates that all federal contractors and grantees must provide a drug-free workplace to receive a contract or grant from a federal agency. To adhere to these regulations, many employers require applicants and employees to take a 10-panel drug test.   Truck transportation companies and owner-operators who are under contract … Continued

Why More Daycare Centers and Schools are Using Background Screening Services

When someone applies for a position at a school or daycare center, several factors are essential when making any hiring decision. Sex offenders and violent criminals are ineligible to work at schools and daycare facilities, and all US childcare facilities are required to pass a bi-annual inspection. This means it is extremely sensible for schools … Continued

When 10-Panel Drug Tests Are Conducted in the Workplace

Drug tests are not an uncommon thing in the workplace, but yet they’re not exactly routine, either. At VeriScreen, we’ve decided to create this post to provide insight into when and why 10-panel drug tests are conducted at work. A 10-panel test is used to check for 10 substances that cover a comprehensive range of … Continued

Employment Screening and Hiring with a Human Touch

Technology is a marvelous thing that is improving all the time, but it’s not infallible. Systems crash. Data is input incorrectly or not defined properly. Programs are too broad or not broad enough for an accurate employment screening process. These are a few examples of why we should not rely entirely upon computerized systems. The … Continued