Why More Daycare Centers and Schools are Using Background Screening Services

When someone applies for a position at a school or daycare center, several factors are essential when making any hiring decision. Sex offenders and violent criminals are ineligible to work at schools and daycare facilities, and all US childcare facilities are required to pass a bi-annual inspection. This means it is extremely sensible for schools and daycare centers to ensure that they have thorough background screening services in place during their applicant selection processes.


The reason for conducting background checks at schools and daycare centers is for the organization to determine whether an applicant has a criminal history or any history of abuse and neglect that may present a risk to the safety and health of children trusted to the organization’s care. For schools, there are three main categories of concern:


Student Safety – Schools frequently choose to screen all people who come into any contact with their students, including teachers, teachers’ aides, team coaches, and even volunteers.


Quality of Education – Background screening services can ensure that applicants’ teaching credentials are legitimate, and their experience and training is verified.


School Reputation – Screening school employees can help protect the reputation of the school or university, and guard against potential lawsuits.


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