VeriScreen Announces Sponsorship With Cedar Hall Elementary

May 5, 2021
EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Holly’s House has announced a partnership with EVSC. Their program teaches kids K-6 about the signs of abuse.Now it has the potential to go across EVSC schools.“We have now served 70,000 students with prevention education,” said... Read more »


May 5, 2021
Chelsey Abel 2 Years Court Researcher for VeriScreen   FEEDBACK:   🍷🍾🍻🎂 2 years down!🙌 Wow, time has flown by working with this company. As I look back now I can tell I've grown a lot and have come a long... Read more »

CFPB settles enforcement action against employment background screening companies for alleged FCRA Violations.

January 14, 2021
Recently several of the largest background screening companies have been hit hard with enforcement action from the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Board) siting the following reasons:Creating a heightened risk that its consumer reports would include criminal records belonging to another... Read more »

How to Save Money on Training New Employees

December 4, 2020
In many markets and industries, background screening has become part and parcel of the recruitment process. A background screener can offer a variety of benefits for employers, including improved candidate pools, leading to a better quality of hires and improved... Read more »

Reducing the Risk of Working With Bad Consumers

December 4, 2020
With an economic downturn upon us, lenders and other businesses need tools that will assist in mitigating the risk of losses. More sophisticated consumer segmentation can improve the effectiveness of collection strategies and tactics, allowing lenders to focus their efforts... Read more »

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