How to Save Money on Training New Employees

Hiring an Ideal Employee with a Background Screener
Hiring an Ideal Employee with a Background Screener

In many markets and industries, background screening has become part and parcel of the recruitment process. A background screener can offer a variety of benefits for employers, including improved candidate pools, leading to a better quality of hires and improved employee retention. This improvement will inevitably save your business money related to turn-over and training new staff over the long term.

Why You Should Screen

In addition to savings related to talent loss, and rehiring and training, there are a number of additional motivations for businesses to screen potential employees. 


Businesses work hard to keep their organizations free from potential internal threats. The cost of a bad hire is too high to ignore. So, a background screener is an effective way to mitigate the risk of new hires.


The financial cost of a bad hire can be high. Mistakes from under-qualified employees who misrepresented themselves on their CVs could cost a business significantly. A background screener will not prevent new hires from making mistakes, but it will highlight discrepancies between their true skills and their CVs.

Negative Experiences


Some employers dont start using background screening until they have experienced the repercussions of not doing it. Background screening a potential hire is similar to having a property surveyed before you buy it; youre hoping you don’t find something wrong, but are making sure that you have all the facts before making a decision.


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