How an Applicant Tracking System Works

Waiting for a job interview

Applicant Tracking SystemAnyone who has ever been in charge of hiring (or has applied to a job) knows that it’s a competitive world out there. Many major corporations see countless resumes every time they post a job. While some of these applicants could fill the role, it’s important to be realistic and realize that many of these job-seekers don’t have the necessary qualifications and experience to perform at the required level. However, you have a lot of work to do–you don’t have the time to sort through mountains of resumes to find that shining star. That’s where an applicant tracking system can save the day.


An applicant tracking system works by creating a large database of submitted resumes and applications. These resumes are available for recruiters and hiring managers to look through in search of the perfect candidate. However, the real power comes from these systems’ keyword search function. Looking for a worker with payroll skills? Simply search for “payroll” and the applicant tracking system will automatically find any resumes that meet your criteria. With the pool of candidates significantly narrowed down, you can then choose which applicants could fit on your team. An applicant tracking system is a fantastic way to save time while finding the right person for the job.


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