The 10-Panel Drug Test Is Right for Your Office

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10-Panel Drug TestConsiderations When Implementing Workplace Drug Testing

Everyone deserves a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. And for most people, this means a workplace free of drug use. However, when implementing a plan–such as the 10-panel drug test–to keep harmful substances away from your workplace, it’s important to ensure that every member of your team is on the same page.


First, take the time to create a written policy that clearly outlines your workplace’s approach and tolerance toward drug use. Be certain to provide a clear explanation of how you plan to implement drug testing. Then, share this policy openly with your workers.


It’s also worthwhile to consider options to support any employees who struggle with substance abuse or who may not understand the extent of the harm caused by illicit drug use. An employee education plan is a great way to inform your staff of the dangers of drugs, and an employee assistance program will go a long way toward helping any employees with substance problems.


Lastly, be sure to select a workplace drug test that is appropriate for the responsibilities of your workplace and industry. Many professionals choose the 10-panel drug test as it screens for five common illicit drugs and five commonly misused prescription drugs, including:












With the 10-panel drug test implemented at your workplace, you can create an environment that is safe and supportive for everyone.

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