Veriscreen finds more hits than Core Logic

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.23.18 AMWe recently conducted a side-by-side comparison for a potential client who was using a competitor for screening. We were provided with 480 random residents who had been approved by their current background screening company, Core Logic and were given the same pass/fail criteria for criminal & eviction criteria. While Core Logic passed all 480 applicants as acceptable tenants, we found over 15% of the random sample had criminal records (6%), eviction records (5%) and/or identification errors (4%) that had been missed during their screening process.

Veriscreen’s Person Plus Search finds ALL the records for an applicant, not just most of them. We know background screening is a critical component to your business which is why we find all the records for an applicant and verify each hit. You get all the records with no false positives!

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