Employee Onboarding Has Never Been Easier With VeriScreen Forms

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The process of employee onboarding involves integrating a new hire or a volunteer within the organization’s culture and practices to make them more productive members of the team. This process could be challenging since it requires a strategic approach that will ensure employee retention to the organization. You have found and hired the best candidate for the job. Now the next step is how to make them productive and contented employees. 

VeriScreen provides a seamless employee onboarding platform to ensure new employees start on the right foot from the first day at the new job. VeriScreen has made the process much easier, along with a seamless background check process of the employees.

New Employee Onboarding

The process of transforming promising new hires and volunteers into productive employees involves these steps.

  1. First Office Visit: Show the new employees where they will be working from and guide them through the office, kitchen, and everywhere else.
  2. Offer Letter: Inform them about your appreciation for standing out from the long list of candidates. Outline their responsibilities and your expectations in the letter.
  3. Early Onboarding: Encourage the hiring managers and the existing employees to set the new hires’ mood and get them excited about their new roles. The team can also record a welcoming video and share it with the new employees.
  4. Welcoming New Employees: On the first day for the new hires, deliver a message to make them feel admitted to the organization. You can also schedule for team lunch and get involved in the small talks that do not include work.
  5. First Few Weeks Onboarding: In the first few weeks, organize meetings for the new hires with the management, collaborators, and other teams in the company. Establish targets, goals for the first year, and inform them about the incentives for good performance.
  6. Ongoing onboarding process: Build relationships with the new hires. Plan for team building events, check on them, and randomly pair new employees with the existing ones for tasks and informal meetups.


Employee Onboarding Software: VeriScreen Forms

If you want to deliver the best experience and effective employee onboarding process, consider VeriScreen Forms as your best tool. VeriScreen helps you take away the onboarding burden from your team and company.

For companies having up to 100 employees, VeriScreen Forms provides the easiest post-hire service that simplifies the way you onboard a new hire and volunteers. As an added benefit, VeriScreen also provides a seamless pre-employment background screening service to ensure your company only hires reliable and trusted employees.

What an Employee onboarding process typically looks like:

  •     Job Board Submission
  •      Pre-employment Background check
  •     Schedule and job requirements review
  •     Filling all new employee hire forms
  •     Team introduction preparation
  •     Work environment and training preparation


Why Use VeriScreen Forms?

  1. Fast Turnaround Time: The onboarding process is quick and yet efficient to ensure you get the best results in a short time.
  2. Accessibility: You can easily access the reports at any time that you need them. The reports are also stored permanently and encrypted for your use only.
  3. PDF Availability: Download the reports in PDF format and have them for your use.
  4. Uncompromising Customer Service: The old school customer service model ensures that your issues are handled by professionals through phone calls and help you find the best solution.
  5. Exceptional reputation: You will also learn more and get advice on making the best decisions for your business.
  6. New Employee Onboarding Checklist: The new employee onboarding checklist will help you ensure you cover all the critical processes for employee onboarding and guide them to become part of the successful team.
  7. Affordability: The pricing for services is unmatched, and there are no hidden charges! All the services and professionalism at a competitive price.

Benefits Of Employee Onboarding For Small Businesses

New employee onboarding ensures you good hires catch up with the rest o the team and stay productive and produce high ROI in the long run for small businesses. Here are some benefits of employee onboarding to your business.


A successful employee onboarding ensures new hires understand their roles in the organization, the company’s goals, reputation, and value. Employees who understand these factors tend to be committed to the organization and can perform their tasks are required.

High Productivity

Employee onboarding clarifies new hires’ roles and enables them to perform based on what is expected of them, which increases their productivity and efficiency.

Boosts Confidence

A great employee onboarding program ensures new hires freely interact with others on the company from the first day. It makes them feel accepted and boosts their confidence to conduct different tasks they are assigned.

Job Satisfaction

New employee onboarding involves training and orientation, which clearly defines their roles and teaches them how to conduct different tasks. When employees are confident and able to perform various functions in their roles, they get satisfied and love their organization’s positions.

Employee Retention

In the end, all these factors lead to one thing; employee retention. A successful employee onboarding process brings loyalty and increases employee productivity, confidence, and job satisfaction. When employees are happy in performing their roles, they will stay in the organization without thinking of quitting.

Other VeriScreen Pre-employment Services: Employee Screening

VeriScreen provides background screening services for employees to ensure your organization only employs the right people with no bad records.

Residential Background Screening

Since many states no longer update their national criminal databases, VeriScreen ensures you get all the criminal records through a detailed report that provides all the information you want concerning the applicant’s rental history. Residential background screening products include:

  •     Eviction records
  •     Criminal records
  •     Credit reports
  •     Sex offender list
  •     And more

Employment Screening

The screening process involves contacting the applicants’ employers for information about them. The records and reports include:

  • Credit reports
  • Criminal records
  • Drug screening
  • Fingerprinting

VeriScreen researchers are well trained to get critical information and reports for candidates to ensure you have the right people for the job.


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