VeriScreen supports Sue Weaver’s CAUSE

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-37-58-pmVeriScreen is committed to providing knowledge about an applicant’s background BEFORE they get hired. Keeping our communities, businesses and neighborhoods safe is pivotal to our business model. Unfortunately, not every business uses VeriScreen and improper background checks still happen. Such is the case with Sue Weaver.  This tragic story can effect any community and VeriScreen works hard to prevent horrific events.

Sue Weaver’s CAUSE stands for Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment. CAUSE’s national awareness campaign educates consumers, employers and legislators on the necessity of proper annual criminal background checks on workers entering our homes or working with the vulnerable populations.

VeriScreen supports this cause in 2 ways. The first by providing proper criminal background check to all it’s clients so service employees with criminal records do not have access to homes. The second way we support this CAUSE is through monetary donations to help spread the word through CAUSE’s National Awareness Campaign.

If you are in the business of staffing employees, volunteers and/or tenants with access to other people’s homes, we urge you to properly screen your employees with VeriScreen or other comprehensive background screening provider to prevent these types of tragedies.

If you wish to donate to Sue Weaver’s CAUSE please visit their donation website.


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