VeriScreen outperforms Yardi!

At VeriScreen, we are eager to compare ourselves to competitors in the background screening industry and this recent comparison between VeriScreen & Yardi tells you why!

YardiOnce again, we asked potential clients to provide a random sample of current tenants in their affordable housing properties.  These tenants were previously screened and approved by their current screening company, Yardi. Given the same exclusion criteria,  we conducted a more thorough background screen using our exclusive Person Search Plus™ screening technique. We discovered 25% of the current tenants had eviction & criminal records Yardi failed to collect. In our random sample, 17% had previous evictions and 8% had previous criminal records!

We know you want to find ALL the records when you conduct a background search that’s why we challenge you to do a FREE SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON! Delinquent payments and evictions cost you fortunes which is why you screen your applicants. Don’t settle for inaccurate background checks and screening failures.

Call us today to see how your current provider stands up to our superior background screening, turnaround times and excellent customer service.


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