VeriScreen Helps to Save Puppy from Habitual Animal Cruelty Offender

Recently VeriScreen was contacted by the owner of Sailor Moon Kennels where our office mascot “Cami”, our Portuguese Waterdog, was born. Sailor Moon needed our help to find and catch a person with animal cruelty charges that had lied to them to get one of their puppies. Through VeriScreen’s extensive research system, we were able to find and help retrieve their puppy. The following is an excerpt from the owner of Sailor Moon Kennels:


“We have the puppy back safe and sound with us and all because of you at VeriScreen!  I drove to Connecticut last week and attended the habitual animal cruelty offender’s hearing.  The judge asked me to tell him my story. Although the defense lawyer made some good arguments, the judge still decided to send him back to prison because he broke parole and what he did to Gidget.  Unfortunately, they had no power to have him give me the puppy back.  So, I left the court room and decided to go to the ex-wife of the habitual animal cruelty offender’s house one more time.  The animal control person for the town met me there. So, I showed the control officer your list of previous addresses and he said lets go back to the police station and see if any of those properties belong to her.  Sure enough, one of your listed addresses from the report belonged to her.  I followed the officer over to the house and the ex-wife was outside on the front lawn with the puppy!  She had come home from work to let the puppy out for five minutes.  She was in shock and pleaded with me but I told her that if she didn’t give me the puppy I was going to have to press criminal charges.  Twenty minutes later we were on our way!


If it hadn’t been for your generosity in providing me the thorough background check we would have never found the pup.  No one down there knew where the wife lived!


I will never be able to thank you enough and I honestly believe that every breeder in North America should use your services before they send any of their puppies to their new homes. 


Thank you so much!”


Sailor Moon Kennels




VeriScreen’s office mascot, Cami!

Cami 1 IMG_3812



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