Survey – Compliance & Protection Top Employer’s List of Concerns in Background Screening


Here are some findings from a recent survey of HR professionals:


46% of participants said the primary reason they conduct background checks is to protect their clients and customers; 32% cited workplace safety as their primary concern; and 30% cited identifying the best candidates.


Asked to rank the employment screening challenges their companies will face this year in order of importance:

Their top three responses:

Compliance (51%);

Using the most comprehensive criminal record search (14%);

Improving the candidate experience (11%).


More than half of respondents (53%) indicated that their companies continue to ask candidates to self-disclose criminal histories on employment applications despite the EEOC’s guidance against this practice–and despite a growing number of state and municipal “ban the box” laws.

Some four out of 10 participants (37%) said their organizations conduct online media searches as a means of screening candidates in the hiring process, with LinkedIn (77%) by far the most popular site used in these searches.

If marijuana use were to become legal in their state, more than half (54%) of survey participants said their organizations would continue their drug testing programs. However, only 2% said they would discontinue their drug testing programs and just 10% said they would overlook past convictions for minor marijuana offenses.


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