I9 Compliance – Are You At Risk?


All employers need to ask themselves these simple questions;

  • Do you know if your existing I-9 records are compliant?
  • Could you provide all your I-9 records within the 72 hour timeframe in the event of an ICE Audit?
  • Have you recently completed an external audit of your current I-9 records?
  • Are you missing any I-9 records?
  • Are you properly updating I-9 records that have an expiring work document?
  • Are you properly purging I-9 records based on the DHS retention requirements?
  • Do you have a current I-9 and/or E-Verify provider?



If your answer was” NO” to any of these questions, we believe that your organization is in need of our professional services.


Form I-9 Compliance, LLC the leader in Electronic I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Solutions, provides employers (like yourself) the opportunity to create and maintain an I-9 and E-Verify compliant environment.

Form I-9 Compliance, LLC (Fi9) was founded in 2005 on a vision of solving electronic I-9 and E-Verify compliance challenges for employers with innovation and excellence. Since that time, Fi9 has relied on the basic philosophy that Fi9 will continue to offer employers the most creative, effective and streamlined solutions that technology and subject matter expertise can create. The state-of-the-art, Fi9 software bridges the gap between our clients’ day-to-day challenges and the ever-changing regulatory environment. Fi9’s cutting edge technology team combined with our internal expertise helps ensure that our electronic I-9 and E-Verify compliance solutions are unparalleled at addressing real-world “pain points” in your business processes. Fi9 currently has more than 2,000 clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.


Continued I-9 Audits, Prosecutions and Convictions  

With an ever-growing list of investigations, charges and convictions posted on ICE’s website, enforcement actions are here to stay. Recent convictions and investigations verify the stance and goal of promoting a culture of compliance among U.S. employers.

Anything can trigger an ICE audit. Anonymous complaints from a disgruntled employee, or even one of your competitors, can lead to a surprise visit by ICE. Other ICE audits are simply conducted on a random basis. No geographical region is immune to these visitations.

Severe as the civil penalties may be—starting at $110 and scaling rapidly up to $3200 for every single technical violation of the law—“willful violations” can also result in criminal prosecutions. In some cases “willful” has been defined as simply not doing enough to ensure that your business is in proper compliance.

The Form I-9 Compliance Solution can provide your business with valuable over-sight in the event that an audit actually occurs. If you use the Fi9 tools which are available to you, ICE will readily see that you have taken their regulations seriously, and have consulted with professional experts, and are acting in conformance with their advice to the best of your capabilities. That becomes a valuable and extremely inexpensive form of insurance against what could be a real legal and public perception nightmare.

Essentially, you will be providing a “Good Faith” defense in the eyes of ICE, if all of our I-9 and E-Verify tools are used by your organization prospectively.


As the industry leader in Electronic I-9 Management Compliance Solutions, Form I-9 Compliance has the expertise and tools needed to reduce your RISK associated with the I-9 Processes and Regulations with smart and easy to use technology. Designed to eliminate liability and unnecessary paper, Form I-9 Compliance’s I-9 Solution generates and maintains I-9 Forms electronically, utilizing a “click-to-sign” electronic signature process. Additional features will also protect your organization from a pre-audit rush and the associated penalty RISKS.

As an Employer Agent of the E-Verify System, the Form I-9 Compliance I-9 and E-Verify solution utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) accessibility while providing a high level of security with no servers or software for employers to install or maintain.


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