24/7 Arrest Monitoring and Healthcare Monitoring with alerts 

Your Go To Source for Continuous Monitoring

Bring club safety to the next level with VeriSafe continuous screening. After the initial background check, we continually re-screen employees to ensure a safe and friendly work environment.

If we find any arrests or convictions that have happened since the initial hire, we report them to you. You can feel safer in the workplace with VeriSafe by knowing about all arrest records and convictions.

What you Get With VeriSafe Arrest Monitoring: 

  • VeriSafe provides ongoing arrest record monitoring. This should never replace your initial pre employment background check.
  • 24/7 real-time arrest record data. Before reporting, we validate arrests at the primary source. (Police department, courthouse, etc….)
  • Monitoring County and State arrest booking data, covering over 85% of the United States population
What You get with VeriSafe Healthcare Monitoring: 
  • Monitor Healthcare Sanctions 
  • Monitor Actions and Exclusions
  • Monitor Occupational License & Certifications

Providing You The Most Comprehensive Background Checks For Employment and Housing For 25+ Years

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Our experts will answer your questions and help design the screening package you need. Each one is Advanced FCRA certified and our customer service is unmatched.