Screening new employees involves a lot more than checking references and basic credit checks these days. With people who are getting more and more adept at working the system, and references and CVs that can easily be “optimized”, it is getting harder to tell a good hire from a bad one.

A candidate always puts their best foot forward, whether that means doctoring their work history or listing only good references. Applying for credit at a different address or changing their details slightly is a good way to get around the standard background checks.

Criminals are quick to cotton on to the flaws in the system and so you need an edge when doing your background checks. VeriScreen gives you that edge.

Background Checks

We know the way that criminals think, and we know how to outsmart them. Our background checks are thorough and involve more than just a cursory scan of the system. We are able to search through criminal records at a county, state or country level, providing you with the best possible peace of mind.

It’s not just criminal records that we can check, we can also check Virginia DMV records, workman’s compensation records, employment histories and a lot more.

We are confident enough to say that you will get better results with us than you are currently getting and that we offer the best employment screening services in Virginia.

We don’t stop at combing records, though, we can also confirm employment and current position and arrange for drug testing if required.

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