Are you tired of paying for background checks that are, at best, superficial or, at worst, inaccurate? False positives are a complete waste of time and effort and could end up costing you a great employee or tenant.

Worse still, a superficial screening may end up missing crucial information. If you really want to be able to make the right decision, you need information that is both accurate and that covers all the bases.

A basic credit check is helpful, but most screening companies fail to make allowances for aliases and altered addresses. And employment checks are only truly effective if the person doing the checking knows what questions to ask.

People today are pretty good at gaming the system and, without the proper experience, it can be very difficult to figure out when they are doing so. We have the experience to know the workarounds and the systems and contacts to get the very best possible results for you. We know what patterns to look for to identify potential problems.

Background Checks

Our background checks can be tailored to what you need. Run a basic personal check to verify employment history, run credit checks, and check criminal records by providing us with a few basic details. Get your basic screening done by filling in a simple online form instead of making endless phone calls and trying to search public records.

We have the expertise and contacts that you need to get your screening done thoroughly and efficiently and the perfect package for your needs. Narrow your search to New Jersey or check nationwide as well -the choice is yours.

Check out now and see what we can do for you.