When you are reviewing an application for employment, it can be a costly mistake to take everything at face value. Maybe all the information is correct, but what happens if it isn’t? If you don’t perform thorough background checks, you could stand to lose a lot if something goes wrong. You could end up damaging your business’s reputation or even facing liability suits.

Is it really worth taking the chance?

It’s natural to want to believe the best of everyone but not everyone holds the same values that we do. They may be hiding something serious, like a criminal conviction or they may be just fudging the details of their experience.

Background Checks

Either way, it could end up costing you a lot in the long run – whether in terms of actual money lost or the cost of hiring an employee that is not up to snuff. Looked at it that way, background checks simply make good financial sense.

At VeriScreen, we know how important it is to make a business decision with all the pertinent facts. We interface with a number of different systems to ensure that you have the right facts at your disposal.

Request county level searches specific to Iowa or nationwide services. We will tailor our packages to meet your needs and your budget. Our system is thorough and extremely efficient and will give you the most accurate results possible.

Don’t waste time with background checks that only skim the surface or that come up with a bunch of false positives. Go to VeriScreen.net for the most accurate results at the best possible price.