Employment Screening in Arkansas

Screening With VeriScreen is EASY

Have you found the perfect candidate to fill that vacant post? Someone who has all the right credentials and says all the right things. Someone who’s references check out? Hold on a minute – before you send off that offer of employment, how sure are you that the person is who they say they are?

What kind of background checks have you done on them? Do you even have the resources to do complete background checks? Where do you even start looking?

Background Checks

At VeriScreen, we do all the legwork for you. We have contacts in thousands of organizations and know exactly what to look for when checking. How is your prospective employee’s work history? Have they been honest about how many jobs they have had? Have they left out important details, like a criminal history or being a sex offender?

There may be nothing to find, but what if there is? Do you want to entrust your business’s sensitive information to someone who is a complete unknown quantity? Do you want to risk a lawsuit if something goes wrong because you didn’t screen the person properly?

At VeriScreen.net, we run all the requisite checks. All you have to do is to provide us with the details and we’ll check Arkansas state records, federal records and international records, if you so choose, for red flags.

It would be nice to be able to accept a candidate’s CV at face value but that just isn’t practical in today’s society. Make sure you have ALL the facts by contacting us today.

Our Services

Criminal Records

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

Drug Screening

Available in every area in the USA. Order a 5-panel, 10-panel, DOT Screen, physicals,

FBI Fingerprinting

VeriSecure offers quick fingerprinting on approved fingerprint cards or any legal government document, using black ink. Nationwide fingerprinting available.

Credit Reports

Whether you're needing Business Credit Reports, employment credit reports, or housing credit reports, we have you covered!


Education Verifications, Employment Verifications, certifications and much more. Our team provides the fastest TAT in the business.

24/7 Screening Alerts

VeriSafe is the newest technology in the background screening space. With this Continuous monitoring service, you receive real-time alerts of arrests and bookings post-hire.

Get In Touch With Us

Leave a message or simply give us a call at 812.474.0744 . Our screening experts will answer your questions and help design the background check package you need. Same Day Screening.