You are looking for someone new to fill a spot and you have short-listed your candidates. You’ve ready to make the final decision but can you be sure that it is the right one? How can you be sure that the candidate has been truthful about their past?

Sure, it is easy enough to check that they worked where they said they did, but what if there was some work history that they left out. Like that job that they got fired from after a couple of months? Candidates can be selective about the work experience they list on their CV.

VeriScreen helps you to fill in the blanks with the most complete background checks in Arizona.

Background Checks

Checking references is child’s play and pretty useless. No one adds a reference that is not going to vouch for them, after all. And do you have access to local law enforcement or federal law enforcement databases to do thorough checks? What if they used a different address when arrested?

Maybe you just want to know that they received the salary that they said they did. We have the contacts and the experience in the field. We know exactly what to look for and do complete background checks We can check your new applicant backwards and forwards and verify that they have not omitted anything with their application.

It’s a simple process, you just provide us with the person’s basic details and we will take it from there. For complete peace of mind about your next hire, go to