So, your prospective employee aced their interview, everything looks good on paper. They seem like a good fit for your organization, but you cannot tell everything from the interview, can you?  And, let’s be honest, checking their references is not much help – who would list someone that will give them a bad reference, after all?

What can you do to make sure that they are exactly what they appear to be? VeriScreen’s screening packages can help you do complete background checks. All you need to do is to provide us with the details, and choose how much information you want to have.

Background Checks

We go beyond the standard credit and criminal check. We will contact the prospective employee’s current or previous employer and check start and end dates. We confirm the salary they received and the number of hours they worked. We look for irregularities that may indicate that they are undergoing some sort of disciplinary action.

We confirm that their work history is exactly what they said it was and that they have not omitted any jobs that didn’t work out. We take criminal checks to the next level by screening nationwide at a state and federal level to get a full criminal history.

We do global home land security checks to ensure your new employee is not on any of the watch lists.

If you want the most thorough screening and background checks possible in Alabama, go through to We make it possible for you to make your final hiring decision with complete confidence.