Our screening intelligence, integrity, technology and customer service advantages, together with our seal of approval, have come together to help us deliver our screening solution. This system is designed to report what you are allowed to see in a way that helps you make quality decisions every time and ultimately get a better ROI.

VeriScreen has brought together a team of highly-skilled and talented professionals at the helm to provide you with the best quality background checks in the industry. Each is dedicated to the constant achievement and pursuit of over-the-top service, operational excellence and compliance. They offer you sample applicant authorization and disclosure forms, adverse action letters, regulatory enforcement letters, summaries about your obligations, and same-day in-system and public announcement updates about what is happening in the world of screening.

Having a company-wide conference? Invite one of our in-house FCRA specialists to deliver via live webinar all they know about background screening and the FCRA. We call this our professional advantage.

An industry leader in delivering FCRA-compliant information, VeriScreen has successfully helped develop and implement a screening solution that is simple yet very powerful. We deliver our own national criminal database mapping and matching system, a comprehensive human resource information management software platform, a talent assessment platform, and hundreds of application integrations. All of these are designed to serve the needs of our clients. We call this our technology advantage.

We have also designed a comprehensive and proactive consumer inquiry and dispute process. As a result, VeriScreen consumer relation specialists ensure that any consumer inquiry is treated like a red alert client service need. Each consumer is treated the way we would want to be treated if we had just been denied a position, an apartment or a volunteer opportunity. Our specialists are taught not to simply reinvestigate when a consumer disputes something, but to go the extra mile for our consumers and track down the source of the problem and fix it the best we can or give the consumer the information they need to fix the problem. Each dispute is resolved with respect and care. We call this our risk management advantage.



Background screening is more than just looking up a single name at a single courthouse or database. Background screening today is a complex system of software integrations, data mappings, compliance filters that screen out information that cannot be reported or considered, clearinghouse integrations designed to eliminate expunged records, courthouse records, and proprietary software systems. International, federal, state and county laws, regulations and enforcement activity are ever-changing. Laws that relate to crimes, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, drug testing, motor vehicle registrations, fingerprinting, privacy, consumer reporting, individual courthouse rules, landlord-tenant, employment and more significantly impact the background screening industry.

What does this mean to you? You need to use a screening company that knows.