VeriScreen was started about 20 years ago by the current CEO and his ex-partner. Therehave been thousands of companies that have entered this business since then. Some have made a quick dollar and are gone, but many of them are still in business and making a lot of money by cutting costs and shorting customers on service and buying stale data. Obviously there are companies that provide quality products and services. VeriScreen is one of them.

VeriScreen has stayed the course and kept to the original idea of providing the highest level of product and service to our customers and exceeding their expectations. It has been difficult at times to maintain the level of service we provide and compete with other companies that buy much cheaper data and essentially let the applicants weed out the false positives themselves.

Our philosophy is that there are not too many applicants that will notify you when a record is not on their report. You must be able to depend on your screening partner to get all the records. You can depend and trust VeriScreen—guaranteed.

Our philosophy at VeriScreen, “the answer is yes.” What’s your question?