Businesses need to be competitive today to survive and thrive. That means protecting your assets and making sure that any employees you hire are exactly what they say they are. If you need to hire someone or rent out a property, you need to be sure that the applicant is being honest on their application.

The standard background checks offered by most companies simply seldom cut it though. Sure, they scan for the obvious, but they don’t go any deeper.

By experience, we know that for background checks to be really effective, they need to go further than a basic scan. We have found that criminals don’t play fair – they don’t give their real details when arrested or applying for credit. If you are running a basic scan, you won’t pick that up.

That’s why our algorithms account for variances in names and addresses. We have access to over 550 million criminal offense and so can guarantee that we are able to perform the most comprehensive criminal record searches in Missouri.

Background Checks

You choose how intensely we search – we are able to interface with county records, federal records, international records and, where applicable, FBI records as well. Want extra security? Let us run the applicant’s fingerprints as well.

We interface with law enforcement agencies, a range of employers and also property managers to provide you with usable, accurate information in a convenient online format. Check out today and see how we can help you protect your business today and in future.