Deciding whether or not to hire a new employee can be a difficult decision. No matter how good they seem on paper, there really is no telling how good they are likely to be at the new job. Are they being truthful about their history?

At VeriScreen, we understand how important it is to know that the people you hire are exactly who and what they say they are. We run thorough background checks of Colorado records and nationwide records to make sure that your prospective employee has no criminal record.

But we can take it even further by checking international databases to ensure that they are not flagged for illicit activities or terrorism.

We will confirm employment, including start and finish dates and check that the employment history provided is accurate as well. We can even go so far as to check what salary they received and whether or not they were employed full-time.

Background Checks

Previously, background checks were a simple matter of calling a few references and making sure that the person checked out. That no longer cuts it. And, fortunately, the checks can be done quickly and efficiently through the specialized computer software we have at our disposal.

All you have to do is to type in the details at, and we do the rest. You choose how much screening you would like us to do and we provide you with a fully detailed, accurate report. No one will be able to tell you that you did not do your due diligence.