VeriScreen’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality of background screening products and services available no matter what. You can trust that we stand behind our 5 guarantees and will prove ourselves every time in a side-by-side study.


Our roots in providing quality background checks to the affordable housing industry keep us on our toes. We do not just provide information in conjunction with a lot of other steps taken by HR departments to onboard the best applicant. We are making leasing decisions for affordable housing customers based on their criteria. We take this responsibility very seriously. If we do not find all of an applicant’s records, they are given government subsidized housing while a well-qualified single mother can be put on a waiting list indefinitely. Yes, our customers want a return on their investment and only get paid by HUD if a unit is occupied, but we sleep very well at night knowing we do a comprehensive background check on each and every applicant.

Since all criminal records are maintained by name and DOB only, finding criminal records has become much more of an art than a science. The days of the quick and cheap database search are over. Many states quit releasing their criminal data to any vendors and require us to get the data directly to ensure that it is accurate.

Our biggest obstacle in talking to prospective customers is to convince them that criminal records are not a commodity like a credit report. A background check can mean anything from a Google name search to what we do. The question is what is a comprehensive background check? Every background screening company you speak with will tell you that they are the best—let us do a side-by-side analysis and you’ll see the difference.