VeriScreen offers BGCA exclusive screening services!


VeriScreen believes in the promise of America’s youth and mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We want the best volunteers working with our Nation’s youth which is why we are offering our superior background screening services to all Boys & Girls Clubs for a flat, affordable fee.

In March 2016, we conducted a pilot study with a Boys & Girls Club in Sioux City, IA. We demonstrated that VeriScreen attained 50% more hits than their current provider, while delivering an overall turn-around-time (TAT) of less than 1 day! Eldon Bensen, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland said, “Our club recently made the decision to transition all of our background screening for both our employees and volunteers from First Advantage to VeriScreen. We have consistently seen additional data from VeriScreen that was not being picked up by First Advantage, along with very impressive turn-around-times of less than one day! In the first 75 records that were checked we found 36 records that VeriScreen uncovered that a competitor did not. The bottom-line is that our Sioux City Club is getting a lot more information faster for less money when it’s all said and done.”

When conducting background checks, we believe in providing ALL the records with NO FALSE POSITIVES and with exceptional turnaround times (usually within 24 hours). Our competitive pricing for BGCA and exemplary customer services shows we truly care about BGCA. We will continue to serve the boys & girls clubs with exceptional products and services so you can continue to provide your outstanding services to our communities and youth.

See what VeriScreen can do for your club by calling us today!

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