"Safety 1st" Volunteer Screening Program

VeriScreen has teamed with National Background Data to offer "Safety 1st" Volunteer Screening Program. "Safety 1st" was designed, created and subsidized by National Background Data, LLC.

The "Safety 1st" Volunteer Screening Program is available only through a select group of NBD professional background screening company affiliates like VeriScreen. These selected affiliates have a deep understanding of volunteer and non-profit organizations and are already providing background-screening services of volunteers.

A "Safety 1st" Volunteer Screening provides a compiled, comprehensive report that includes a Nationwide Criminal Database Search, information on the volunteer's previous residence addresses, whether a Social Security number has been issued, maiden and/or married names associated with the SSN, and whether the volunteer's SSN is currently being used by other individuals.

Our Nationwide Criminal Database search is one of the largest criminal history databases in the nation. It draws data from multiple criminal record sources in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It includes criminal data from criminal courts, state criminal record repositories, probation, prison parole and release files, sex offender registries and other government agencies, as well as additional criminal history data proprietary to NBD.

The purpose of the "Safety 1st" Volunteer Screening Program™ is to aid volunteer and non-profit organizations and agencies in determining whether prospective volunteers have a pattern of criminal behavior that would make it unwise for them to be working with children or other vulnerable populations.